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IBD Working Group 2017 Terms of Reference


Launch of IBD Standards June 2019 Download  Covering letter from Dr Rafeeq Muhammed, Chair of BSPGHAN IBD Working Group


New 2019 IBD Standards launch - see Flyer for more information

In June the new IBD Standards has been launched with the aim to improve how we care for people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) across the UK. These have been created by IBD UK, a partnership of 17 patient and professional organisations, including BSPGHAN, the BSG, CICRA and Crohn’s & Colitis UK.

The IBD Standards say what high-quality care should look like at every point of a patient’s journey – from first symptoms, to diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care, whatever their age and wherever they live in the UK. They also set out how an IBD service should be organised and managed to deliver this. Paediatric and adolescent care has been considered throughout.

Announced at the BSG annual conference, these 59 statements set out what good care and treatment looks like for patients with IBD, with the aim that every IBD service in the UK will work to meet these.

A new digital IBD Benchmarking Tool has been developed to help with this, so that services can assess how they are doing against the IBD Standards and plan to improve. A new UK-wide IBD Patient Survey will give people with IBD the opportunity to rate their experience of care, allowing patient experience to support the development of a service. This will provide an opportunity to push through real change, support with business cases and make the case for additional resources needed.

Through this process, healthcare professionals and patients will be able to work together to improve standards of care for everyone with IBD across the UK.

What your team needs to do to make the IBD Standards a successful reality:
• Register for the IBD Benchmarking Tool – from now!
• Promote the IBD Patient Survey in your service from 8th July
• Incorporate the IBD Standards in your overall service design and work, and making opportunities to discuss and raise awareness of the IBD Standards at meetings, events and talks
To see the full list of IBD Standards, register for the IBD Benchmarking Tool and find more information visit For any queries, and to obtain flyers to promote the IBD Patient Survey, email

Yours sincerely,

Dr Rafeeq Muhammed
Chair of BSPGHAN IBD Working Group

IBD Service Standards 2008/2009. These have now been archived. Please contact if you wish to see a copy of these standards

Opportunities to contribute to Cochrane reviews in IBD

Following-on from Morris’s presentation during the research session at the Annual Meeting in Leeds, the Cochrane IBD and Functional Bowel Disorder Group is actively looking to work with any and all BSPGHAN members in completing further systematic reviews in IBD. There are lots of ways that members can contribute – including those with no experience all the way through to those with active reviews who simply need some help. If you are interested please contact Morris Gordon

Very early onset IBD - produced by IBD Working Group

Azathioprine Safety Guidelines - produced by BSPGHAN IBD Working Group

Press Release Crohn’s and Colitis UK releases first Research Impact Report after awarding £5.2 million to research in the last 10 years

Press release Sept 2017 summarising the findings from the biologics audit. The National report is available to all via the RCP website if you want more details.

Article: Knowledge, attitude and practice of healthcare professionals towards infliximab and insulin glargine biosimilars: result of a UK web-based survey

Biosimilar statement from IBD Working Group: click here to read

Introducing biosimilar versions of Infliximab  NICE insights from the NHS  click here to view statement