Membership of Endoscopy Working Group
Babu Vadamalayan, Chair (2108 - 2021) e-mail http://endoscopy@bspghan.org.uk

Previous Chairs:

Priya Narula, Chair (2015 - 2018)
Ieuan Davies
Paraic McGrogan
Mike Thomson

Group Members

BSPGHAN President: Dr Sue Protheroe (2019 - 2022)
BSPGHAN Convenor:  Dr Keith Lindley
BSPGHAN Education Committee Representative: Dr Loveday Jago (2019 - 2022)
BSPGHAN Gastroenterology Committee: Dr Chris Spray (2017 - 2020)

Regional Endoscopy Leads: 

Scotland – Dr Iain Chalmers
Yorkshire, East Midlands and North East - Professor Mike Thomson

Liverpool, Manchester & Northwest – Dr Dalia Belsha (Deputy:  Loveday Jago)
Birmingham, Wales & South West – Dr Ronald Bremner, Vice Chair
London, Central & South East - Dr Babu Vadamalayan (Deputy - Lucy Howarth)

BSPGHAN DGH Committee:  DGH Committee – Nandhini Kumaraguru
BAPS Representative – Mrs Catherine Richards
Hepatology Representative: Dr Tassos Grammatikopoulos
Trainee Member Representative: Dr Kwang Yang Lee - endoscopytrainee@bspghan.org.uk
Associate Member Representative: Mick Cullen

GRS Working Group:  Priya Narula: Ronald Bremner: Sabari Loganathan: David Devadason: Krishnappa Venkatesh: David Rawat: Anna Pigott; Mick Cullen

Dear Colleagues

You will be aware that members of the BSPGHAN Endoscopy Working Group formed a GRS Working Group in 2015 with the aim of developing the P-GRS (Paediatric endoscopy Global Rating Scale) as a Quality Improvement tool. This will in time also provide standards for accreditation of paediatric endoscopy services.  The GRS standards can be viewed here

Following face to face consensus meetings and teleconferences with JAG (Joint Advisory Group on GI endoscopy), a draft P-GRS was produced. After a period of consultation, the P-GRS was piloted in 9 centres across the country in 2016. The results of this pilot were presented at the BSPGHAN and RCPCH annual meetings in 2017. The pilot allowed the paediatric endoscopy units to reflect on the measures in the P-GRS and ensure they were relevant and fit for purpose. The pilot sites and the GRS Working Group members had a further face to face meeting earlier this year and following subsequent teleconferences, the BSPGHAN GRS working group supported by JAG have produced guidance notes for the measures in the P-GRS. The P-GRS is expected to be available for paediatric endoscopy units to use in the October census this year. And therefore, we are working to tight timelines.

Please note “Paediatric GRS” thhis work is in development so the final version will be read for any typos and then presented online.

Kind regards

Priya Narula

On behalf of the BSPGHAN Endoscopy and GRS Working Group

DOPS Working Group:  Lucy Howarth: Richard Hansen: Rachel Levi: Priya Narula: David Devadason; Sanjay Rajwal

Changes to Endoscopy Training 

The Endoscopy Working Group has been extremely active over the last couple of years. This has largely been driven by association with the Joint Advisory Group on GI endoscopy (JAG - see useful links) on endoscopy, which is the organization that oversees endoscopy, including training, in all adult specialties. JAG has now been given a mandate by the appropriate Royal Colleges and CSACs to supervise paediatric endoscopy. The WG has therefore been working closely with JAG to facilitate this process. All trainees commencing Grid training on or after September 2012 will be required to train via the JAG process. This involves registering with the JAG Endoscopy Training System (JETS), and signing up for an eportfolio. This will be the record by which all endoscopies should be recorded and assessed as DOPS. When the DOPS assessments show that the trainee has progressed to a degree of competency, a summative assessment of endoscopy will be performed (for diagnostic endoscopies). PGHAN trainees will be able to train in several different competencies. All PGHAN trainees will be expected to achieve competency in diagnostic OGD with all gastroenterology trainees expected to achieve competency in diagnostic ileo-colonoscopy. All hepatology trainees will be expected to achieve competency in therapeutic upper endoscopy. It is envisaged that other competencies may be achieved post CCT (such as therapeutic colonoscopy). More senior trainees are also encouraged to use the JAG/JETS system, in combination with current logbooks. Trainees should contact their CSAC representative if they have any queries.

Endoscopy training Courses
Full details of endoscopy courses are advertised on the meetings/courses pages.