BSPGHAN Innovation Grants (BIG)


BSPGHAN Innovation Grant 2017

Projects chosen for BIG Award are:

Decision tree for multi professional staff and families caring for patients with neurodisabling conditions who develop severe gut dysmotility:  Applicants: Dr Andrew Barclay and Dr Sue Protheroe on behalf of BSPGHAN NIFWG/ RCPCH Clinical Standards

Digital Ulcerative Colitis Healthcare project(DUCH project):  Applicants:   Dr Jonathan Hind; Dr Dhamyanthi Thangarah, Dr John Fell and Dr Mohammed Mutalib

Paed eBANS administrator:  Applicants: Dr Akshay Batra (eBANS); Dr Andrew Barclay (NIFWG); Dr Anthony Wiskin (eBANS): Dr Jutta Koeglmeier (NIFWG): Dr Julian Thomas (eBANS)

BSPGHAN Innovation Grant 2019.

Projects Chose for 2018 Awards are:

Using the Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Symptom and Quality of Life Questionnaire (PGSQ) in children with cerebral palsy: a preliminary validation study:  Applicants  Dr Mark Tighe, Dr Akshay Batra, Professor Stephen Allen, Dr Sarah Thomas, Dr Catherine Tuffrey

Role of Vascular adhesion protein 1 in the pathogenesis of chronic graft hepatitis and fibrosis after paediatric liver transplantation:  Applicants:  Professor Deirdre Kelly, Dr Steffen Hartleif and Dr Chris Weston


Digestive Disease Research Core Centers and Digestive Disease Research Development Centers (US based grants)

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