About Us

Who we are... 

BSPGHAN is a professional organisation with the specific roles of promoting research, training and standards of clinical practice for health professionals and scientists in paediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition.

What we do…

BSPGHAN provides professional leadership and promotes standards of care for children with nutritional, gastrointestinal and hepatological disorders.  Its membership includes consultants and specialist trainees in paediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition as well as specialist dietitians, nurses and nutrition pharmacists. The society supports research, training and education for members and the development of standards of care for children with nutritional disorders; it also gives advice and support to implement child-centred strategies to deliver nutrition assessment and nutrition support through the Nutrition & Intestinal Failure Working Group.

A brief history....

Our specialty in the UK is less than a generation old.  Some 40 years ago a handful of paediatric clinical scientists began undertaking research in to diseases affecting the gut and liver in children and young people, and the specialty was born thanks to their initiative and drive.  The British Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition (BSPGN) held its inaugural meeting in 1986, with less than 50 members and,  from its inception,  the Society has enjoyed the reputation of rigorous scientific endeavour but, just as important, friendship and inclusivity.  Thankfully, both of these have endured ever since.  Hepatology was formally added to the title of the Society in the 1990’s and, important, BSPGHAN was one of the first scientific societies to appreciate the important role of allied health professionals in the medical care of children. In recognition of this the section of Associate Members within the BSPGHAN first met as a group at the winter meeting in 2000, and subsequently have become important and valued colleagues within the Society, highlighting the fact that clinical care must be built around families and this, by necessity, involves a multi-disciplinary team.

The Society membership is now numbered in hundreds rather than tens and it has grown in both strength and influence, forging close links with a number of other scientific societies, as well as with the wider constituencies of children’s charities, commissioners and policy makers.  Along with the continued scientific and strategic progress, it is a particular strength that the friendliness and mutual support the Society is renowned for has not diminished in the slightest. Long may it flourish.

Huw Jenkins
Past BSPGHAN President
November 2013